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A swedish soul-pop singer on the rise 

Loidimo was born in a small town in Sweden called Lund.
He comes from a big family where he is the third child out of four. His father is from Tanzania and his mother is from Sweden.
Growing up as a mixed race kid in the 80´s he quickly gained the experience of not quite being a part of society with always one foot outside the door. That gave him the strength to show people that it´s ok to be different. He always refers to his background as having the best of both worlds.
Loidimo was introduced to music at an early age with a mother who worked as a music teacher and a father who simply loved music and had piles of vinyls at home. As a kid Loidimo was taking dance classes as well as guitar and piano classes and he sang in the local choir. Strangely enough he didn’t start taking the music seriously until he started high school. He played in a lot of different bands. Even though that RnB was the closest thing to his heart he played everything from Hip Hop, Reggae and African music. After he lost a good friend to cancer he realized that he had to take his music to a different level now because he was not going live forever. He moved to LA and went to MI for two years. LA showed him the beautiful and the ugly side of Hollywood.
Now Loidimo is living in Stockholm, Sweden and he is currently working on his EP while he is doing features and writing for other artists.


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